In this series we capture these classic locomotives in their purest form. Making their presence felt with powerful and evocative soundtracks, powering up steep gradients & speeding through the open countryside, recapturing the past glories during their service years. We also meet the people and personnel involved with keeping these remarkable machines in working order, and the trials and tribulations they must endure.

These DVDs cover various Mainline Steam tours that have occurred throughout the year. We normally produce two DVDs each year, “Part 1 and Part 2” and cover the most major events across England, Wales & Scotland. As of 2014 we will now be producing a single video for the entire year.




All DVDs are edited to broadcasting standards with top quality action & atmospheric sequences and all the shots featured are taken from carefully chosen locations. Another key feature of our DVDs is the inclusion of on-train and footplate footage taking you right into the heart of the action. Commentary is included in all videos.