MAINLINE DIARY 2013 PART 2 (July - December)

  PRICE: £18.95

PRICE: £24.95


Our review of the 2nd half of 2013 features the return to the Mainline of a number of key players, and a brand new star. With more groundbreaking runs, new records being set, we once again include

sequences in which we see the very best of mainline steam raising echoes & eyebrows with
exhilarating performance in all weather conditions.

With plenty of variety & action, this DVD will give you endless pleasure and enjoyment for many years to come!

The DVD features a brief commentary, and on-screen locations.

Content Includes:
- 34046 ‘BRAUNTON’ back on the Mainline for the first time since 1965. Featured on its first mainline run on Southern Metals (8 locations, August 14th). Also featured on the ‘TORBAY EXPRESS’ (13 locations, August 18th & September 1st), along with a real test over the South Devon Banks, with impressive performances on Dainton & Hemerdon (4 locations, September 29th).

- 4464 ‘BITTERN’ on her 2nd and 3rd high speed special trains. We feature these historic runs, including a record breaking run between York & Newcastle (4 locations including on-train shots, December 5th), and stunning shots at Essendine on the fine train, site of Mallard’s high speed record, as well as scenes on the footplate. (13 locations including footplate shots, December 7th).

- 5029 ‘NUNNEY CASTLE’ returning to the Mainline following an intermediate overhaul, featured on the ‘TORBAY EXPRESS’ for the very first time (12 locations, July 21st & August 4th), and the ‘WEYMOUTH SEASIDE EXPRESS’, with the engine performing brilliantly (13 locations, August 11th).

- BLACK 5 44871 in trouble on Parkstone Bank; we feature the locomotive slipping to a dead halt on the 1 in 60 climb and ultimately being rescued by diesel (5 locations, November 28th).

- 5043 ‘EARL OF MOUNT EDGUMBE’ on her first solo run over the Welsh Marches, including a fast run on Llanvihangel Bank (4 locations, September 28th), and once again working on a circular tour of the Cotswolds, with some stunning performances (6 locations, October 19th).

- 60163 ‘TORNADO’ on her final Mainline run of the year; seen tackling the climb to Upton
Scudamore with 13 on (September 7th).

- 46233 ‘DUCHESS OF SUTHERLAND’s 75th Anniversary special. As well as Shap and Beattock we feature scenes at Stirling Station as well as the line through Blackford & Gleneagles; the first Duchess to work this line since 1964 (14 locations September 6th & 7th).

- 70000 ‘BRITANNIA’ featured on a running to Kingswear, including a stunning performance on Torre Bank (4 locations, October 19th), and working on a London-Shrewsbury special via Salisbury & Bath in stunning weather, with a blistering run on Llanvihangel with 12 on (6 locations, November 23rd).

- 70013 ‘OLIVER CROMWELL’ along the North & West line via Hereford, Shrewsbury & Wrexham, (13 locations, November 30th). Also featuring the loco East Coast Mainline. (December 7th)

- 45699 ‘GALETEA’ on her first run over Shap & the Settle & Carlisle, including a dramatic slog up the long 1 in 75 climb (October 23rd).